5 Best Places To Meet Cougar Women

Hot Grannies

Hot Grannies

Young guys on the hunt for a cougar to date are not going to find someone like this in any ordinary place. You have to know where to look to meet the most interesting older women, especially if they are also scouting out the younger men. One of the easiest ways to find out where they gather is to ask some of your friends or acquaintances. Read on for 5 great places to meet the cougar of your dreams.

Cougars like to keep themselves in shape, so the first place to consider is a local gym. She may be the type of career woman who drops in to work out on her lunch hour, so stop by around this time of day to check out who might be there. Don’t be obvious about what you are doing though. In fact, you could always join so you have a legitimate reason for being there frequently.

Coffee shops are great places to meet cougars. Try first thing in the morning because she just might be stopping to grab a latte’ on her way to work. Evenings are good, also, because she may venture to her favorite shop to relax and catch up on gossip with her friends. If she is alone, there is nothing that says you can’t offer to buy her a cup of coffee and sit and have a chat.

Higher end restaurants and bars have an influx of older women who are on the prowl for younger guys. Check out the bars to see who might be sitting alone and offer to buy her a drink. You will know right away if she wants to be left alone or has some interest in spending some time with you. Later on in the evening is a great time for heading to a place like this. Make sure you have plenty of cash on hand because these places can be pricey.

Online cougar dating websites are terrific venues for meeting cougars. Obviously she is looking for a relationship because she has joined the site, so this can work to your advantage. You don’t have to join the site to peruse the profiles and pictures listed, but it might be a good idea to do so. She may be the one to contact you!

Consider heading to your local park to see who is hanging out there. You might meet your cougar while she is out dog-walking! Dogs are great ice-breakers for conversation, so take your pet there if you have one, or borrow one from a friend. You might be pleasantly surprised at the number of single, older women who are there on any given day.

These are just a few places for you to go where single cougars can be found, but in reality there are many more choices. In fact, just about anywhere is a good place to meet someone older who is looking for a single guy like yourself. The few I have named are just the most popular at this time. Try shopping malls, a cruise if the budget allows, the library, and the list goes on and on. Happy cougar hunting!

Personally I recommend CougarDating.tv – it’s been around for a long time and has loads of amazing women.