About Us

Like most other guys my age, my few first dating experiences were less than satisfactory. A girlfriend here or there, but I didn’t seem to click with any of them.

The first woman I made a real connection with I met at a soccer game. It was my younger brother playing and I didn’t even want to go. My mother insisted. I was in my own world, checking out a particular lady. She approached me and asked when I was sitting so far in the back. I thought she was a few years older then me, so I was trying to play it cool. I told her I was showing support for my little brother, but didn’t want to embarrass him. You know, the typical smooth move that wins all the girls. She laughed and we started talking.

A little more into the conversation, I thought to ask which of the players was her younger brother. She seemed flattered and told me she was there with her son. It turned out she was 15 years older then me. She was above my pay grade. I had no game with a women like herself. But, she thought I was cute and she said she. She asked if I’d go to dinner with her sometime.

I dated her for a few weeks, maybe a month. She met someone else and wanted to pursue something. I didn’t mind. I was comfortable ending our arrangement. but, I wasn’t comfortable going back to girls my own age. I wanted more women like her. I wanted refined and complicated in a good way.

I wasn’t sure who to talk to, so I turned my questions to the internet. I discovered that it was ridiculously common for young men to be interested in older women. I was shocked I have never heard of it before. No one I knew was into older women. Well, from what I knew. I guess all my friends could have had similar tastes and just didn’t voice them. I read up about how to approach older women and where to meet the ones who would be interested in someone as young as me. I found the internet to be a big help.

I’ve gone on many dates with many different women now. I’ve dated some long term, some were more casual. I stick to the 15 year age gap. There’s no real reason it’s just my preference. I’ve had a few encounters with even older women. I thought it would be cool to land a woman old enough to be my grandmother. So I looked for granny hook ups. I’ve seen many grannies that look young and fit for their age. Women seem to get better and better with age. I’d date only grannies, but in my area there are sadly too few looking for someone. So, I mix it up with older women of all varieties.

I mostly share tales of my cougar experiences, but I’ve found they work for granny dating and casual sex as well. There are traits that all “older” women have in common. No strings seems to be the most common. They are also all amazing. I’ve yet to have any negative experience. Well, when I was just getting into it I was pretty inexperienced. I had a few women comment and correct my moves. But, I’ve learned to be a better lover and I’m passing that knowledge on to you through my blog.