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Cougar Dating – Say Hello to This New Dating Trend!

Older Women Dating Younger Men

Older Women Dating Younger Men

A couple of decades ago, older women didn’t date younger men because of the taboo that came with the subject. Because of this, a lot of people still get surprised whenever they see this kind of duo in their midst. However, cougar dating is widely accepted nowadays and is actually known to be a whole new dating trend in itself.

Society seems to have dictated that men are the ones who should be older in the world of dating, though the reasons behind this are unknown. Because of this, people tend to get suspicious whenever they see older women with younger men, and even look at them negatively. However, this notion hardly exists anymore nowadays, with cougars invading the world of dating. Although nobody can really determine if it can be called a ‘fad’, it is definitely a persistent trend that has been going on for the past few years.

One reason why cougar dating may have become so popular all of a sudden is the fact that there are now so many more cougar dating websites available on line, some of which are free and some of which have a membership fee. This definitely gives cougars more confidence in terms of looking for younger men and establishing relationships with them since they won’t have to live with the awkward looks that would have otherwise gone their way in the world of regular dating.

This particular trend goes far beyond online dating, too, though. In fact, a lot of celebrities follow it, as well. Just take a look at Madonna, Cher, and Demi Moore. Since people tend to copy and look up to celebrities more often than not, older women feel much more accepted whenever they date younger men now.

The reason why older women enter this kind of relationship differs from woman to woman, though. Sometimes, it is merely about sex. However, there are also times where they just prefer the fun and laid-back vibe that younger men tend to come with, both inside and outside of bed. Some cougars have also pointed out that they prefer dating younger men because they have less competition and more options in the field. After all, cougars usually have very limited options in their particular age range nowadays.

Even though a lot of older women get into cougar relationships for other intentions, there is still a possibility of these relationships turning into long-term ones in the long run. So, whether you want to find somebody to marry or not, cougar dating would be a good option for you. If you still have issues with public embarrassment or people talking negatively about you, though, then you might want to wait until you get over those feelings before jumping onto the bandwagon.

Cougar Dating – 5 Things that You Should Know

Meet Older Women

Meet Older Women

Are you an older woman who is thinking about going out with a younger man? While this thought was seen as taboo back in the day, things have changed significantly since then. Now, a lot of women the world over have freely expanded their dating options and opened their minds to try out cougar dating. Before you jump onto the bandwagon, though, here are 5 things that you should know before investing in this particular lifestyle:

1. An open mind is important. There are still several women out there who have a reserved mindset about sex and relationships. If you are now more in touch with your primal side because of your age and are already thinking about dating a younger man, though, then you should have no trouble opening up your mind completely. Once you are confident and completely open-minded, you should have an easier time attracting younger men in the long run.

2. Their generation is different. Younger men in today’s day and age see things differently compared to Generation X-ers and baby boomers. This means that many of them love independent and financially stable women, and are more sincere when it comes to courting women, in general.

3. You can learn from younger men. Due to their aforementioned viewpoints on things, younger men can open up your world to a ton of different possibilities. Although it would be nice to share similarities with a man, it is always your differences from one another that will make your relationship more exciting in the long run – remember that.

4. They don’t like being treated like toys. Although cougars usually conjure up images of domination and power, you should never treat younger men like toys. They might actually deal with things in more effective ways and might make you feel more free if you let them, so don’t mold them into something different; otherwise, neither of you will be happy in your cougar relationship.

5. They are sexually active. Although you might not notice this in the beginning, younger men are very sexually active. In fact, they might be more active in that department than you, so you could learn several new tricks from them that could leave you satisfied every time you share some quality time together. During these intimate moments, it would be vital to let them express themselves, though; especially if you want to maintain a healthy relationship in the years to come.

5 Best Places To Meet Cougar Women

Hot Grannies

Hot Grannies

Young guys on the hunt for a cougar to date are not going to find someone like this in any ordinary place. You have to know where to look to meet the most interesting older women, especially if they are also scouting out the younger men. One of the easiest ways to find out where they gather is to ask some of your friends or acquaintances. Read on for 5 great places to meet the cougar of your dreams.

Cougars like to keep themselves in shape, so the first place to consider is a local gym. She may be the type of career woman who drops in to work out on her lunch hour, so stop by around this time of day to check out who might be there. Don’t be obvious about what you are doing though. In fact, you could always join so you have a legitimate reason for being there frequently.

Coffee shops are great places to meet cougars. Try first thing in the morning because she just might be stopping to grab a latte’ on her way to work. Evenings are good, also, because she may venture to her favorite shop to relax and catch up on gossip with her friends. If she is alone, there is nothing that says you can’t offer to buy her a cup of coffee and sit and have a chat.

Higher end restaurants and bars have an influx of older women who are on the prowl for younger guys. Check out the bars to see who might be sitting alone and offer to buy her a drink. You will know right away if she wants to be left alone or has some interest in spending some time with you. Later on in the evening is a great time for heading to a place like this. Make sure you have plenty of cash on hand because these places can be pricey.

Online cougar dating websites are terrific venues for meeting cougars. Obviously she is looking for a relationship because she has joined the site, so this can work to your advantage. You don’t have to join the site to peruse the profiles and pictures listed, but it might be a good idea to do so. She may be the one to contact you!

Consider heading to your local park to see who is hanging out there. You might meet your cougar while she is out dog-walking! Dogs are great ice-breakers for conversation, so take your pet there if you have one, or borrow one from a friend. You might be pleasantly surprised at the number of single, older women who are there on any given day.

These are just a few places for you to go where single cougars can be found, but in reality there are many more choices. In fact, just about anywhere is a good place to meet someone older who is looking for a single guy like yourself. The few I have named are just the most popular at this time. Try shopping malls, a cruise if the budget allows, the library, and the list goes on and on. Happy cougar hunting!

Personally I recommend CougarDating.tv – it’s been around for a long time and has loads of amazing women.

3 Myths About What Is A Cougar Finally Shattered

Granny Slappers

Granny Slappers

Plainly put, cougar is the term applied to any woman who dates someone younger than herself. This is not something new, it has been happening for many years, but is only recently that the public opinion concerning this has become more accepting. Of course, there are still some people who are narrow-minded enough to think the whole idea is disgusting. They have their own ideas about why any younger man would want to date an older woman, or what any older woman can possibly want with a younger guy besides sex.

The first myth about cougar dating is that these women are sex-starved individuals who couldn’t possibly get a date with someone her own age. Wrong, completely wrong! In most cases, she is not the one on the prowl. The younger man is usually the one seeking her out because she is confident, attractive, and desirable.

Older women are also amenable to having a relationship with a younger man that has no commitment or strings attached. Unlike a younger woman, the cougar isn’t going to lay claim to the younger man, normally has no jealousy issues, and is willing to enjoy the fun while it lasts. Younger women tend to ‘fall in love’ right away and are often clingy and needy.

The second myth about a cougar/cub relationship is that he is going to get tired of her quickly and move on to someone his own age. Wrong again. If he wanted to date a younger woman, he could. In fact, there is a very good chance he has already done that and found it less than desirable. He isn’t liable to cheat on the older woman in his life if he went to the trouble to meet her in the first place!

Cougars are not usually jealous about their younger man, nor do they tend to be curious about his past dating history. The past is the past as she well knows as she has one herself. These women are much more mature about such matters which can be a relief to the younger man. She doesn’t have the insecurities that a younger woman has, and is content with her life, with or without a man.

Compatibly issues between cougars and the younger man is the third myth that comes up in conversation. What could they possibly have in common? You would be totally surprised to learn that there are more common interests than you could imagine. Music, politics, movies, the arts are just a few of the things that might draw them together. Coupled with the fact that they can learn things from each other makes a cougar/cub relationship very enticing.

Who, actually, has the right to say that a relationship between an older woman and a younger guy is taboo? Don’t be so quick to judge, because you might be there yourself one of these days! Now that you know about the myths associated with this subject and what may or may not be true, you might view cougars in an entirely different light!