Pros And Cons About Dating A Granny Revealed

hot garnnies

hot garnnies

Younger men do date women who are considered “grannies.” This term typically refers to a woman who is at least in her sixties and likes to date guys much younger-some of these women even have children around the same age as their young lovers.

You hear a lot less about granny dating than you do cougar dating though. Could be that younger guys don’t actually want to admit they have a “thing” for much older women!

There are pros and cons concerning granny dating just like there are with anything else that might be deemed “unconventional.” Some people are aghast at the idea of a younger guy hanging out with a women 30 years or more his senior. Yes, it’s different, but not uncommon by far.

One of the pros of dating a granny is that she is a lot more uninhibited than a younger woman. She has lived her life to the fullest, raised her family, and is ready for some fun. She also could care less what society thinks of her!

She may want nothing other than good sex once in a while, or she may not care in the least about it. Maybe she just wants a good looking younger guy to escort her to public events, or to prove to herself that she still has “it.

She definitely isn’t looking for marriage at this time-she has probably already done this and it is the last thing on her mind. It’s all about the excitement of dating again that keeps her interested so you don’t have to worry that she may be trying to “trap” you!

The cons are more difficult to find in a granny relationship. One of the main ones would be the fact that people are probably going to think that you are only after her money if she is well off, especially if she likes spending money on you.

They are also going to wonder about her, especially if they are narrow minded or judgmental, which many people still are even in today’s society. Is she some kind of pervert? Can’t she attract anyone her own age? When, in actuality, it is none of their business they are still going to form opinions, so you have grin and bear it.

The only other con that comes to mind is that you might get overly attached to her if the relationship lasts any length of time. You may want more than she is willing to give (like marriage) and she will have no recourse than to end it with you. As long as you both are in agreement at the start of the relationship though, and have set certain boundaries, you should be okay.

Any relationship between an older woman and a younger man is going to cause people to gossip and speculate. Just remember however, that talk is cheap. Develop a thick skin, ignore the gossip mongers (who are no doubt jealous of your relationship) and have a good time!