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Top 10 Tips You Need To Know To Date A Granny

granny slappers

granny slappers

There are a lot of reasons why younger men find it appealing to date a granny. There is Samantha from “Sex in the City”, for one, who plays a sophisticated yet vivacious older woman with sexual libido like no other. Even though this character is entire fictional, the woman she portrays is far from fictional. Mature women singles happen to be more attuned with their overall desires, wants and needs.

At the age when a woman’s desire for real intimacy blossoms, that of a man slows down. Because of this, older women dating younger men actually makes a lot of sense since their sexual maturities are closer than those of people of the same age.

Men go through a mid-life crisis; women wish to feel young again. Instead of going skydiving or buying corvettes, however, they run into the arms of younger men who want to date a granny. These younger men do not come with any strings attached, have younger personalities, and are more interested in experiencing brand new things.

Dating a granny and keeping a granny are two completely different things, If you want to date and keep one, here are the top 10 tips that can help you in both departments:

1. Treat Her Like Royalty

If you treat older women like royalty, they will feel both curious and flattered at the same time. By paying numerous compliments, opening her doors and pointing out little details, she is sure to fall for you even more.

2. Do Not Call Her A “Granny”

Although some older women do not really mind the term, yours might, and it would be better to be safe than sorry.

3. Visit The City

Places like New York, California and London prove that granny dating is definitely a hot and new trend. If you wish to find and date a granny, big cities would be the places to scour.

4. Make Her Feel Young

Do you know the feeling you get when waiters ask for your ID? Well, older women feel the opposite way when they get asked for ID and this is the kind of feeling you want her to feel at all times. Do not fake it, though. Simply let her know how smart you think she is or how great her legs look in a certain outfit.

5. Visit Online Dating Websites

These happen to be great places to find grannies and you can even do so from the comforts of your own home without having to worry about “the chase”.

6. Offer Her Brand New Experiences

Women love doing new things that they have never tried out, whether it is playing billiards, going to rock concerts or visiting a golfing range.

7. Do Not Be Clingy

Older women are already very independent and therefore will not appreciate it if a man tries to take control of their lives.

8. Act The Right Age

Although being young may come with Halo parties and beer bingeing, mature women singles might not be into that scene. She likes feeling young, but she does not like feeling like she is dating someone straight from a baby’s crib.

9. Give Her The Bedroom Lead

If you want to date a granny, you should know that she is probably much more experienced than you in bed, so just let her take the reigns and show you what she likes and knows.

10. Talk

If you date a granny, you need to ensure that you have the same expectations from the relationship before things get too deep. If you want a long-term or casual relationship, talk about it with your gilf granny first. This would be of the utmost essence to ensure that none of you are wasting your time.

5 Things Your Hot Granny Really Wants in Bed!

Hot Granny Dating UK

Hot Granny Dating UK

I’ll get to the heart of the matter here – when you’re a woman of a certain age, there’s no point in having bad sex. You’ve had all the bad sex in the world when you’re old enough to be a super hot Granny, and there’s no more time for bad sex.

As the kids are saying these days, ‘ain’t nobody got time for that’.

This is why so many women decide to go for younger men, you see. They know that their older counterparts just cant keep up like a younger lad will, plus the latter will keep it hard for longer, if you know what I mean…

If you’re a younger guy currently pondering the idea of dating a much older woman, there are a few things you should probably be aware of first. Before you grab her by the hand and lead her to your bedroom, read this and make sure you’re not making the same mistakes as so many men before you. Trust me, if you screw this first night up, there’s no way you’re getting a call-back, regardless of how much fun YOU had.

1 – Your hot granny doesn’t want you to beat around the bush.

If you want to screw her, tell her you want to screw her. She doesn’t want to give you subtle hints in the hope you’ll pick up on them, the’ll tell you straight, and you should show her the same respect in return.

If what she’s doing isn’t doing it for you, tell her, or at least guide her into doing something you do like. If you don’t make the most of this opportunity, you’re a fool. This is a woman with age and experience on her side, and you’ll never know what smart little tips and tricks you might pick up along the way.

2 – Your hot granny wants you to be more aggressive.

There’s nothing wrong with the soft touch. Well, unless you’re getting the soft touch every night. Sometimes, a woman just wants to be devoured – she wants you to grab her as she walks in through the front door, push her up against the wall before heavily slamming down into her.

They don’t want you to be so aggressive that they bruise, and they definitely don’t want it hard all the time, but every now and again, there’s nothing really wrong with a bit of passion, you know?

3 – Your hot granny wants you to know there’s nothing wrong with being vocal

It’s quite unnerving when your young man lover doesn’t make a peek when you are trying to make his toes curl, but the fact of the matter is this – most of this young lads are so used to keeping it silence, hiding their solo-sex-noises from their parents / girlfriends / roommates. It’s almost as if they have pre-programmed themselves into not making a sound during sex, and sometimes, it’s very much OK to tell your granny that you are loving every bit of what she’s doing to you.

4 – Your hot granny wants you to head south

Most men ignore oral sex completely when it comes to women, and this is especially the case with young men who aren’t overly confident in their own technique.

Practice makes perfect boys, and your granny will soon tell you what she wants, don’t worry! 😉

5 – Your hot granny wants the focus to be on her.

I’m not talking about every night, but this woman has probably spent her entire life pleasing a man. Surely it’s time the attention was focused on her now? Hasn’t she earned that at least? If she’s making an effort for you, you need to ask yourself if you’re making enough of an effort back.

In case you’re lacking in imagination, how about tying her to your bed with a couple of silk ties, blindfolding her with one of her own scarves, and exploring every inch of her body to see what makes her toes curl and her skin become covered in goosebumps.

Just an idea.

It doesn’t take much to keep a granny happy. In fact, most of these tips could be applied to ALL women, and not just those older ladies that are looking for a good time. Maybe you could learn a trick or two…?

Happy humping!